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Educational Toys

At Global Prep Preschool we integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) throughout the curriculum to encourage students' natural sense of curiosity, investigation and problem-solving. We also include STEAM time in our daily schedule to further develop these skills and concepts.


Global Prep utilizes the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS) to provide early learners with a developmentally appropriate curriculum. These research based early learning standards identify what students from birth to age 5 should know and be able to do. The standards are written as a continuum of skills and behaviors that children should develop during the critical early learning years. The GELDS support the growth of the whole child and encompass the physical, social-emotional and cognitive aspects of learning and development in an age appropriate manner. The GELDS promote quality early experiences and are aligned to the K-12 Georgia Standards of Excellence. We use a variety of curriculum resources that are aligned with GELDS to support all learning domains.

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Preschoolers must engage in a variety of language-based experiences that promote the development of Receptive Language (Speaking), Expressive Language (Listening), Early Reading, and Early Writing. Our curriculum includes daily exposure to key early literacy skills that are precursors of later literacy achievement:

Phonological Awareness

The ability to hear the sound structure of words. Instruction follows a continuum of learning with a progression throughout the year; beginning with listening and rhyming then moving to syllable segmenting and phoneme manipulation later in the year or as children are ready for a particular skill level.


Alphabet Knowledge

Students learn the function of letters, begin to recognize & name letters, distinguish between letters, match upper & lowercase letters, and begin to identify letter sounds.


Emergent Writing

Teachers develop emergent writing skills and students begin to understand that print carries a message. Students begin to imitate writing through drawings and markings and begin to form letters and learn to write their name.


Concepts of Print 

Instruction focuses on understanding how printed language works: organization of print (front to back, top to bottom, left to right) , letters make words, words make sentences, and spaces separate words.

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